I wish there was a simple answer like – the future of marketing and sales automation means that you'll sit on your butt looking at beautiful views while the ‘machine' does the marketing and selling for you. The truth is more in the middle, but in a really good way.

I'll state it upfront – the future of marketing automation looks shiny bright, while the future of sales automation extremely bleak. You see, even if everything could be automated, someone must sell and someone must buy. Or more accurately, someone makes the decision to not buy, and it can't be a machine.

So marketing automation can enhance our lives to the point where a message like this is typed and it reaches all the relevant people to whom it's relevant. And if ever there was a choice presented, a decision to be made, it would be based on the nature of what's offered.

In a way marketing automation is a very surface level superficial and scientific process of logistically reaching on mind to another, but sales goes far deeper into the levels of congruency and connection to the concept or idea presented for study, acceptance, indifference, or rejection.

Sales unfortunately to many high level techies are distinctly at a human capacity and level of performance, but for the rest it's a matter of machinery that delivers that ultimate prize. Imagine a personalized voice carried over vast distances that shortens the length of time in which it can be evaluated to be relevant, this is magic.

We live in a digital world of personalization, where the winner brings a valued aspect of life closer to your inner experience of distinct validation and relevance for our times to the exclusion of the societal bond. We now see ourselves act within an ideal of which we play a role secretly unto ourselves.

Marketing can bridge this gap, and automation promises to deliver our distinct artistic message discretely between minds representing an intrinsic value of personalized worth. The explicit worth of sales are base on the agreements individuals represent which this far been represented in textual and verbal terms.

As we automate digital marketing processes and functions we look for ways to manage the agreements we make while enacting the processes of living and experiencing desirable circumstances. We are now touching the automation of sales where blockchain presents a promise of automating trust.

Sales is all about trust, which is easier for us to evaluate when dealing with people; which is also why we are so mistrusting of people because many have made it their mission and career to dabble in the art of words, to influence and persuade. The world of psychological marketing is deep and dense, and a study of it will only waste time and energy.

We evaluate the sales from a human being because deeply we desire the product which promises to deliver a certain result, to be true – and we'd like to hear a true and meaningful salesman mean what they say and over-deliver on what they sell. The world is still overtaken by language as underlying structural medium by which all else comes into being.

The future of sales automation is in our ability to validate trust relationship in which we trust that the other would do the job required and to the best of their ability within a reasonable exchange of resources like time and energy. It's the relationships that have stood the test of time that become meaningful.

Imagine sales automation using blockchain, where the underlying worth of the transaction can be automated or managed dependent on the agreements that need to be ratified and those that are automatically accepted.

Marketing automation is already there, a reality, and remarkably good – sales automation however still needs human interaction and agreement – but the days to automated sales are around the corner.