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7 Trust Factors In Digital Communication

When an online representation is made there are a few factors at play that the creative media artist needs to be aware of. Of course our ability to become aware of the nuances and importance of techniques and practices in creating digital content is relevant to our direct experience in working within this medium.

The Platform

The platform on which the digital media will rely such as storage and network reach.

The Process

We rely on the processes that make the structure functional as a medium for contextual value exchange

The Content

Communication relies on meaningful terms composed in contextual relationship between creators and users.

Mediating Intrinsic Value

The value of any platform and the processes driving contextual communication is structurally reliant on the nature and value of the content created and consumed.

However, content isn't only that which is communicated between individuals in the form of images and text, but implies that the content is understood within a cultural or social context which is a different dimension to the tangible code and pixels being represented.

In order for content to be considered as quality, it needs to be understood as meaningful in context to it's creation and consumption.These latter two elements carry within themselves the notions of intention and attention respectively.

For content to be meaningful there is a relationship between it's context within the framework of intentional visual image creation, and the attention it commands from a user and this relationship as a spectrum can be viewed as the level of relevancy of message and accuracy of target market.

It decedent be this technical or complicated but is purely mentioned so that the analytical mind can unpack the relative position held by the terms content, context, intention, attention, relevancy, and accuracy.

When focusing on the 7 factors of Trust building though image and text, we focus on the contextual understanding in which the communication happens and in which the cognitive process of the individual evaluates personal values in terms of what is represented to negotiate a physically present condition to remain attentive to the material or to tune out to more relevant events occurring in time.

Having a solid grip on the 7 factors in building trust through image and text enables the intentional creator of digital media to congruently germinate, assimilate, and complete an intentional work for a specific purpose and result, which in turn can be managed and measured, and improved upon through a process of refinement.

A measurable framework for creating contextual meaning in a social or cultural setting enables intentional creators to match specific values that come to the attention of users to refine and monitor the flow from elementary encounters to immersive and involved experiences.

The value of labeling and measuring the effectiveness of trust factors in the intentional creation of digital media content in the form of text and images (naturally re-purposed in voice and video) is to create a holistic model for the representation of value exchange between creator and consumer.

The trust factors enables parts of a congruent message and value proposition to circumambulate a central point negotiated between creator and user where the medium literally facilitates the process of meeting minds.

To negotiate a cohesive, coherent, concurrent, congruent, and resonant message between minds requires an interweaving context of value centric dialogue that is both meaningful, realistic, and believable through the following factors:


The 7 Contextual Trust Factors

6 C's and 1 P

These are the only 7 factors that revolve around your value proposition when creation content or meaningful digital outcomes, and it's quite possible to write multiple books and essays that cover these element within the natural life and story of every individual human being.



The claims being made by the product, service, or solution and it's relationship to the value on offer.



The Challenges the user will face when internalizing the value and understanding the journey of discovery that led to the value on offer.



These are the choices available to the user before exploring the value proposition further and evaluating options.



The Credibility you gain from communicating your vision to your market and attracting users who rely on your knowledge and skills.



The Commonality you share with your users that gives them a view into your world as being a real human being.



The Concerns that you can anticipate for your users as a person who knows the benefits and pitfalls of the journey they are on.



The Pricing that your market experiences can be presented by you and you can present a case for your value that simplifies or improves their understanding

If you'll like to learn more about the Digital Trust Factors and how to build it into your content creation for search engine benefits then please reach out to me and we'll schedule a quick chat.



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