I've been out of the SEO game for quite a long time – 5 years – and I'm slowly checking out what's changed and how to get results fast, like the old days. So far not much has changed in terms of the things that work – but one area that has greatly diminished in commanding a voice are the die hard link builders who still see signals pinging to and fro.

We are all signals – but it's not so much the quantity that count anymore, we have too much pinging going on already. What counts now is the quality, which is to say the relevancy of the content within the context it is useful. I remember the time when my pages got indexed and ranked super fast for the day.

It's been 5 years since I've experimented with SEO so I'm eager to see what awaits, the problems presented and the challenges faced. As I type this I've posted the previous post to this and timing how long it takes before it shows up in the Google organic search results.

Here's the post in the experiment: 7 Trust Factors In SEO that Leads to Digital Sales

An update will follow when the result is known… stay tuned!

First check: 7:51 PM – nothing

Second check: 8:30 PM – nothing

I ping the web-page with Ping-o-matic: http://pingomatic.com/

Third check 8:47 PM – nothing zzzz

Link Tweeted and posted on Facebook – 8:58 PM

Check how the results in Google changed within one hour – probably because I didn't click on any of the links. So it got rotated out. Forbes is now at the bottom in position 10; and Digital Commons is nowhere on page one after being #1 – the first position.

March 6

9:01 AM – nothing for the article, but this post is picked up.

So far it looks like activity trumps pinging and social media. But the final result is not out yet. Everything showing up BUT the one article I'm monitoring.

7:30 PM – Bravo! It's in the Google index. I stopped looking every couple of yours, but the good thing is that the result is safely within 24 hours. I've seen 3 minutes, so there is only improvement from here.

Ok – I noticed now that in the meantime I had changed the article directory which displays correctly in the image above. Dang. Ok, so that means I'll need to run the experiment again.

Wednesday March 7th 2018 – Now we have reference under the main category as first result and in second place this post you're reading now. But no direct link to the article we're blogging about. Strange right?


You will notice that during the crafting of this blog post which is raw and unpolished, I changed keywords from:

The 7 Trust Factors in Digital Communication


The 7 Trust Factors in SEO that leads to Digital Sales

It's better to keep refining your focus that set hard rules and risk being vague and undifferentiated. Keep working at your copy which is why a solid sales structure build on the 7 factors will give you many opportunities to refine your message and hone your target while refining your aim.

The goal would be to work back on the phrase to include more competitive terms and include it in a longer term strategy. In this case: The 7 Trust Factors in SEO, and then: The 7 Trust Factors. This will fall coherently into a thoughtful organic marketing approach to getting specific and contextual search engine results.

This is what it's all about, a process of refinement to articulate the value that expresses your value in terms of products and services high on your customers priority list and using the words that best describe the inner journey your custome is on, and showing up on search engines for the exact terms that fit you and your customer best.

Saturday – March 10th 2018

So doing a search for:  “The 7 Trust Factors in SEO that leads to Digital Sales” in quotes which is an exact match, the article we're talking about shows up at #1, see below.

But here is the real interesting finding which is that THIS article talking about that article shows up for the general search match for the keyword: The 7 Trust Factors in SEO that leads to Digital Sales without the exact match quotes. So there are some interesting conclusions we can draw from this.

For one – it doesn't seem to matter that we intentionally talked about and promoted the 7 Trust Factors article, what matters is that we're talking about it here which makes THIS current article more relevant to the conversation in some way.

As far as the title of this post is concerned, the results go into the long tail and relevancy match for the title in the following keyword combinations:

How to Create Fast Indexing Times on Google – #1
How to Create Fast Indexing Times – #1
How to Create Fast Indexing – #12

I will now remove the STICKY of this post to see if that is a deciding factor in the SERP relevancy of this post over the 7 Trust Factors post as the subject of this report.