“Our children from early infancy are engaged in extraordinarily hard work, and that work is mainly just growing, growing up because to grow up in a modern electric environment is a fantastically complex and difficult job. It's also a job which threatens to deprive people of identity, the personal concept. One of the peculiarities of an electronic environment is that people become so profoundly involved in each other that they lose theat sense of private identity.”

“The future of work as knowing, the future of identity as involvement, bring one around to the idea of perhaps rolls instead of jobs. A mother doesn't have a job; she has sixty jobs, and that's a role. A top exec doesn't have a job; s/he has many jobs simultaneously, and that is a role.”

“I think this is happening to all of us in varying degrees. The very speeded-up world we live in guarantees that we can all have a highly integrated existence which really points in the direction of role-playing rather than of job-holding.”