Professor Hacker, a renowned cybersecurity expert who has been granted a U.S. patent for his innovative concept of Smart Data, added: “Currently, all data is created equal until it is sorted through and categorized by special algorithms. Data is inherently inanimate and it only becomes useful when it is processed by an application. The massive growth in data creation is adding up to a landscape, which is littered with too much information and applications as well as insufficient intelligence to handle all of it.”

Thought makes “data agile” and able to act on its own without any external help according to Professor Hacker. And, integrating blockchain technology with this concept creates an extra layer of security on the smallest level. Every piece of data is secured with cryptography, thereby allowing the owners of the data to dictate exactly who has access to it.

Specifically, it consists of three layers, namely: (1) Information Layer – Nuances and concepts that control the compute layer through the Fabric; (2) Fabric Layer – Thought software abstraction; and (3) Compute Layer – All computer resources that are joined to the network.

“If THOUGHT can achieve what they claim then they are able to transmit AI-enabled agents securely and transactionally across networks, using Blockchain – in guaranteed transactions – which can then run only for the right owner(s).”

That aside, Bates ventured: “I think bundling AI logic and data together with security and Blockchain sounds wonderful. We just have to ensure we know what that AI can ultimately do, because if something can learn and evolve, then we don’t necessarily know the limits of what we are securely receiving.”