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"The whole is OTHER than the sum of the parts" `~ Kurt Koffka

You acknowledge that you are a human being. That you are in control of your faculties, body, and mind when consuming content on this domain. You further agree that you will honor the integrity of the research and information shared, and use it responsibly and wisely.


This is a private thought space digitally independent and wholly owned property of Cyber Systems operating under the domain cybersystems.co.za (CS).

CS is the intellectual property of John Deacon in his personal capacity as a living being on the this land, independent as a man.

I exclude myself from cultural concepts of what I am from an external and third persons point of view, and claim being as a independently personal, with oneself and at max between 2 other entities, the ‘I' and the ‘Other' as independent parts of the same whole, and full exclusion of ‘Self'.

My content is grounded in the reality of direct experience, and my thoughts extended into the digital sphere of influence far beyond what physical science have established and verified.

Material contained within this thought construct extended by the physical digital infrastructure, in the form of bits stored in memory, including both the ‘electric' and ‘magnetic' kind are the ownership of cybersystems.co.za.

This property extends the spheres of physical, mental, and shared digital space that occupy my thought as my ‘current reality' retaining all rights as a natural man on earth, independent of all groups, including political, and religious.

I stand on my word alone.

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