What is the value of understanding, controlling, and voicing your story when you have the value proposition and semantic relevancy figured out ahead of time. Instead of thinking about it as a way to plan and execute a profitable campaign, think of it as the highest elevation of your baseline to tweak the effects and logistical challenges as they arise without being overtaken or swamped in knowledge and skills complexity.


The way we look at contextual relevancy is the ability for a creator, whether a product or a service, to maximize a value driven narrative within the marketing and sales framework, using personalized digital technology to invest valuable resources available towards the dissemination of content across a wide medium spectrum aimed at meta reality objectives as a holistic approach to the resources involved in digital message design and codification.


The closer you get to your core value proposition, and you're able to digitize it i.e. place it in digital text format in accurate and intentional terms, with respect to the need at hand (whether a problem, or result), the wider your sphere of influence, the father your reach, and the deeper your relevancy. It requires a blend of accurate copy + effective and efficient resources + personalized user centricity through the technology interface.


Technology + Resources + Digitization = Core Bio Involvement (Bio Cost + Environmental) = Digital Transformation Impact = Viability of Digital Transition = Digital Transition Design and Execution