There is nothing more fitting to say about the CAM (Core Alignment Model) than this: If you don't put your fingers to the keyboard in real-time and negotiate the objects of language then you're wasting time.

We scarcely have time to go back and analyze pretty much anything – the emergence of a vision before us is too rapid, to elusive, and cannot be pinned down in controllable terms, never-mind analyzing what has gone before.

So here we are, resigning the right to be perfect. And as perfectionism in a digital world has literally bitted the village people it's only through brute will that we face the forces of electrical empire, while managing the magnetic forces of the psyche contained within.

Patterns emerging can be calculated through machine feedback but never quite a reality to point at, which causes this mayhem of intellectual debate about what the situation actually is. Meanwhile while the world watchesIt's the balance of these two words held in perceptual tension with an acute focus on the delicate interplay of reality suspended in time.

I conjure up the image of a small float on a watery ocean with the finest of movements and balance required not to drop into the deep and realizing that the environment you find yourself in, whether calm ocean or stormy sea is directly in proportion to the awareness of the forces within your influence or control.

Whether we're aware of it or not, we experience an integral awareness of passing time in the moment while negotiating the forces of this electrical universe, amplified through electrical technology.