When we look ahead to what the future of this land brings us I can't help but stare confused ahead into a mist that covers new ground. Ground we have not walked on before because we face a world disrupted by digital technology where we're connected but yet far apart.

There has been no greater cage than the one digital technology brings, it brings minds together to share intimate space but keeps our bodies asleep and far apart to perform any united action. However there is a great vehicle that embodies an organized body of action if only they can do so with a single mind.

The ground is uncertain because less and less we're agreeing on what common ground looks like. We are connected to disembodied representations of ourselves in others while our bodies move silently past each other, avoiding the touch of strangeness, the memory of famil(iarit)y unites the bond. That's the whole problem with the world, people are strangers in dense populations with the only guiding glow from a screen.

A shared vision is an image that unites perceptions where each performs a role in the greater harmonizing of the good, which is shared throughout. Such a vision is possible right here and now and can be internalized and embodied en masse. It comes down to that shared image of what today looks like and what tomorrow should be.

If every person in the world could imagine the same image it would instantly change the world and everyone in it – but this is not a reality because we're engaging in one of the most strategic and subtlety effective arts, that of writing itself. To communicate well we need to write, purely in order to establish terms that describe a larger image on which we can all agree. 

It is not so much that we would all want the same material things, but we want the same assurances – we want to live life without fear or worry and this in return for the life we want to live. Our choice of lifestyle comes at a price, and some jobs require high energy output while other creative silences.

We're all suited for the perfect job if we can gauge between extremes of what we've experienced. You find out what you want to do by at the same time finding out what you don't want to do. We have to do in order to experience and learn. It's only the stuff we do that get's embodied, in other words, physical doing becomes memory stored.

To watch video's, listen to podcasts, or read articles and books will only give you knowledge of other people's experiences which are not physically embodied in you, and therefor does not become part of the wisdom and understanding component we all wish we could have through quick fixes.

We must become aware of our bodies moving about in the world, not merely as objects dressing in an image of how we want life to be, but the world we live in while we're ignoring each other. There are physical grounds on which we can all come together regardless of our history or professions.

Digital space is not where communities need to form, and neither is it effective in creating action on the ground. There are so many opportunities for forming communities at ground level, it's sad to see that our minds are still rooted in class distinctions and historical avoidances that no true communication takes root.

There is a place for digital communication in the meeting of minds and the retrieving of information in happening as reported. The future is bright for communicators who contribute content that is earned form experience.

Research is one thing and we can consume all the formulas and shortcuts there are, but only one thing works, and that's doing it and finding out what was bullshit and what was cool – and there is a lot of BS. Nothing is as effective as just doing it in the world, experimentation, since there is no time to go back to analyze what's going on, the world is moving too fast.