The waking up process is a special pattern recognition cycle experienced but without the terminology or language to express what it means in the context of personal and public life. This lack of words and language is a skill being lost to the individual and absorbed by collective concepts that threatens to destroy the modern world through it's polarized value systems in conflict with each other. Like balloons in a playpen pit bouncing together, growing bigger and potentially more forceful with each smaller pop until once a few spheres remain that rub against each other like three giant beach balls. These spheres of influence are infinite and is given meaning by the attention and value we place on them [1].

Those who don't have or consciously develop language by becoming aware of the meaning in words and their distinctions can't group larger sets of words they don't understand into meaningful categories. An as far as categories are concerned they are not linearly organized like lines and blocks easily recognizable since childhood, but ontologically arranged in infinte combination from multiple 360 points of view in all directions, and on top of that penetrating all spaces, including those consciously aware of, unconsciously in existence, and collectively as a whole, of which the individual is a part. The combination of this ‘image' is infinitely impossible to manage from each individual point of view.

It's impossible to have a point of view in the electric age – Marshall McLuhan [link]

However, since it is this loss of recognizing what we're dealing with (some call it sense-making) that creates the multiplicity of possible meanings and combination in the collective understanding that may string together individuals that form thought groups, acting through external information channels like ‘digital media' where any individual has a global voice, informed or not. People who are lost and scared will follow anyone who has courage to speak and unite a scattered and fragmented points of view, always oscillating and morphing, new patterns emerging as a consequence new combinations formed, each individual uniquely their own.

Jung might call such a process of fragmentation a process of individuation, and McLuhan might add that it's the body and the mind fragmented to such a degree that you would have pods of bodies living together with no common interest other than the ground, and the mind in collectives to a point that we become unrecognizable to each other. Collectives of mind find each other on the internet, even ‘online dating' is now a norm. Communities form through interests and in extreme cases become their own ground community villages, and this is the way the world fragments, into a dangerous notion of tribal factions, a Mad Max outcome we must avoid.

If individuals in all existence could agree on the language that constitute a diverse range of possible patterns it could become an image of a ‘good life' a majority could agree on. The problem has always been to get agreement form people in large enough groups of which the outcome can be trusted. Block-chain is giving us a promise of such a platform of agreements where human audit's and checks and balances are unnecessary. Imagine if all users of digital media were able to cast one vote only towards agreement on concepts and then vetted against the truth of the word and it's meaning, for which a person like Jordan Peterson would in my current point of view, be a good judge of.

Not only do patterns need agreement, they need structure, and a built in process of renewal and fresh input, output, and feedback. Through digital technology all we really get is feedback. We have this terminal/device we interact with by providing an input. Something happens behind our understanding which is conducted through being electricity, and frameworks/networks engineered by us, as users this interfacing provides us with an understanding of the output received, and how it's meaningful to us individually and collectively, and the feedback helps us re-evaluate what we're doing and why we're doing it. In the majority of the cases, there is no such thought, and the users are transfixed, confused, hypnotized, and following the script of the hour.

A pattern recognition system would require a degree of self discovery and assimilated knowledge, and since our richest heritage are the centuries old manuscripts and evidences of life that was before, we can pattern match, of which Carl Jung laid some important groundwork. Any body of work dealing with pattern recognition in human development is of great importance, to map the language describing the meaning concepts hold for individuals in their direct experience, and reaching agreement of what value those concepts hold for a global family. Imagine people had a trust like family and we all helped each other live and thrive.

The spheres of influence we currently live in are of a volatile nature because while minds are connected via media, their bodies are caged in physical space. There is a gap of disparity between perceived reality, and current factual ground reality. In some cases these gaps are closed, but in the majority of cases (99%) the gaps are open. As people discover the realities they're involved with through information retrieval via the internet, learning, doing, and recognizing the validity in what others are saying, they swing and sway between the myriad of sifting points of view that never find solidity, fixedness, or static anchoring. In many ways the discovery of this present moment in time is a discovery of this solidity of ground level reality on which you can build, rely, and trust as a foundation of a renewable future.

There is poor advice in intellectual and social circles about the necessity to ‘take action' – but what is the good if the action being taken isn't aligned with a greater and higher moral goal that effects everyone living on this land, and future generation that will be affected by the actions taken individually in physical form, and collectively in the form of a visible outcome agreed upon. Collective minds need valid concepts that hold a greater meaning for the influential spheres of life. An simple example is that we know what everything in existence is made of, so now we're trying to figure out how to improve civilization and not destroy it. But we can't agree on the terms.

There has been many attempts at creating organized structure since as far back as we have records for, and the whole of civilization as we know it are built on the efforts of billions of people throughout history. At this juncture we are scattered, fragmented, confused, and unguided by ethical and moral agreement. We have become too big and selfish like a bloated pig to know what we want for others, we only see ourselves in the mirror and we pretend that the hypostatic image in the screen confirms our biases and justifies our actions. A pitiful shame. How do we get from there to a united global mind of the good life for ourselves and each other?

1. Attention Inattention