Good writers are specific to their experience, knowledge, and writing skills.

Good writers immerse themselves in the text and birth new chapters that describes it's realms for reader exploration and discovery.

Good writers make the text their own and take responsibility for the message it conveys.

Good writers are much more than words on a screen or the ability to write good English.

Good writing is an interconnected weave of visions supported by theory and facts that enforce a particular, however subtle, point of view.

People need something to see that is other than what they know or experience.

That is human nature.

The subtlety or nuance is a boring topic because of it's impossibility for transference other than experience and knowledge itself.

What we don't know we don't know we want to know anything about. It's invisible to the desires of the animal we inhabit.

The digital sphere already has an effect on the awareness and behavior of the user with a firm grip on the animal's bit.

A good writer knows what words need to be weaved and close observation is tended to the intricate meaning without planning or struggle because a nucleus of intent to describe a point of view is so clear.

There are many ways to tell the same story, it depends who you're telling it to.

Good writers can fix for themselves a clear point of view from which to survey the field of discovery and the retelling of the tale. Good writers have a point of view.

They don't ask permission, and they don't apologize.

They write in the moment of thought that renders a light on a vastness of realization that can never be recalled.

And thus, the hero within the machine, a tool with which to remember.